Refill Pouch 30 Luxury Scented Incense Cones - Bhakoor Ramadan Gift

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Zed & Noon have created a truly exceptional collection of luxury handmade Incense Cones. Better than Bakhoor & Incense Sticks our Incense Cones are charcoal free, strongly scented with a clean burn; leaving a lasting aroma for hours.

Our fragrances include Oud & Contemporary cents which are inspired by Eastern Luxury with a Western Modern twist.

Please note; this product is a refill pouch for the tins. We do not recommend storing your incense cones in this pouch for long periods of time.

Why Choose our Incense Cones?

Incense Cones are one of the slowest forms of burning incense and because of this the scent can linger around the air and stick to surfaces for longer periods of time. Incense Cones are known for revitalising the mood, uplifting the mind and replacing lingering odours instantly. They differ from bakhoor as Incense Cones do not need a charcoal to burn. Simply light the tip of the cone until the flame has reached halfway down the cone and blow out. Please make sure you place the cone away from anything flammable when the flame is burning.

Our Scents


A fresh aroma with zingy notes of Mandarin and Bergamot; on a rich base of Patchouli, Vetiver, Amber and Musk.


An oriental blend of fresh citrus and bay leaf on a bed of delicate jasmine petals and laurel resting on a backdrop of amber and patchouli.


A rich oriental floral accord with notes of oud, rose, geranium, jasmine, clove and praline resting on a rich velvety base of cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, amber, musk, vanilla, patchouli and a hint of raspberry. A true favourite and a perfect choice for filling your home with a rich velvety scent.


Inspired by the Arabian desert, an array of balanced delicate spices and petals lay upon a deep woody musk carried by the luxury of amber, leather and opulent oud.


This fragrance is a lavish blend of opulent Oud entwined with the freshness of bergamot and lemon resting against a deep exotic blend of oriental woods, amber and musk.


The fresh and vibrant scent of Mint Leaves and citrus; resting on a warm base of Cedarwood and amber.


The Wildness of honeysuckle in the English Countryside accompanied by the fruity aroma of Davana and woody undertones.


Reminiscent of the renowned Arabian love story - a dark beauty and empress of the night with exquisite notes of jasmin, pink pepper and peach over the deep romantic tones of cedar and vanilla.


A classic beauty bringing the fresh tones of citrus over moon lit lavender fields on a bed of warm tonka bean and a hint of amber.


A hint of tangy mandarin entwined in oriental spiceswhich are softened by the light floral notes of patchouli resting on a luxurious bed of sweet amber, the fragrance takes you on a relaxing journey to arabian lands.


The succulent fragrance of freshly picked peaches and plums served to you on a sumptuous beach with a breathtaking ocean view, the air filled with the crisp scent of oakmoss and cedar with a backdrop of earthy Oud. Soaking up the ocean whilst transported to a relaxing coastal retreat.


The sun beating down on a fragrant field of patchouli, violet and vetivert entwined with the beauty of rose and enhanced by the depth of earthy Oud. Treat yourself to an alluring bouquet of blossoms.


A captivating scent capturing the beautiful essence of an Arabian orchard. This scent opens with the deep yet delicate scent of cardomom pods gently coaxed by soft petals of violet and patchouli laying upon a base of rich creamy sandal and exotic Oud.


A luxurious floral fragrance with rich earthy wood and spice freshened by citrus and wild stems. Resting on a bed of soft leather and rose and base notes of luxurious Oud and rich Musk.


Oud Nectar features a sensually sweet and woody fragrance. Opening with the sweet spice of cardamom with the richness of frankincense and sandalwood all resting upon honeyed vanilla and amber.


A deep exotic balance of spice, cardamom and black pepper on rich blend of woods and leather with an aromatic base of tonka bean, amber and vanilla.


Opening with the sweet scent of pomegranate wrapped around amber and patchouli over a backdrop of deep woods and aromatic spice.


The epitome of riches and elegance with luxurious notes of vetivert, dark plums and violet resting on a rich base of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk.


A simple yet sophisticated array of ylang and crisp white lillies on a bed of powdered musk. A highly sought after scent that encaptures the beauty of the classical and uplifting fragrance.


The luxurious scent of Wild Roses and luscious fruits resting on a velvety base of amber and sweet vanilla and deep tones of musk.


How to Use

Place on a heatproof surface, light end of the cone and burn until the flame reaches half way down the cone; blowing the flame out and ember until red hot. Place in a well-ventilated area and allow the fragrant smoke to disperse

No charcoal required

Size: 3cm/1.25inch tall

Burn time: Slow Burn Approximately 15 - 20 minutes per cone

Scent lasts up to 8 hours (in a medium-sized room depending on conditions)

About Us

At Zed & Noon we are a husband-and-wife team who love creating luxury home fragrances. We personally hand make every single product, each one inspired by our travels around the world.

All our products are Cruelty free, Vegan Friendly and never tested on animals.

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